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Premium Ingredients

At Loya, we only use the highest quality, freshest ingredients.

Bob's Red Mill

Premium Ingredients - Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill - bobs_red_millWhen it comes to flour and bread making, no one comes close to Bob’s Red Mill. Bob’s stone ground whole wheat flour with its bran and germ still intact is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein. It’s a good source of calcium, iron and selenium which aids in cellular function and helps the immune system. It is obtained from hard red wheat which has the highest protein content of all wheat types. Bob’s organic whole wheat flour is an integral part of our whole wheat bread at Loya.

Organic Garbanzo Beans

Premium Ingredients - Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill - garbanzo_beansFor our hummus we use only the finest organic garbanzo beans and Eden organics is our first choice. These plump, round, golden beans when blended with ground sesame seeds and lime juice create the irresistibly creamy hummus that we offer. Loaded with protein, healthy fiber and folate B9 our organic ‘chickpeas’ make the difference in our hummus.

Stakich Raw Honey

Premium Ingredients - Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill - honeyStakich Raw Honey comes straight from the extractor, unheated, unfiltered, unprocessed. Because of this, all of its enzymes, vitamins and minerals are kept intact unlike conventional honey that is processed using high heat methods that destroy its nutritional profile and eliminate the beneficial enzymes. At Loya we use Stakich raw honey to sweeten almost all of our beverages. Tremendous immune boosting properties of raw honey coupled with the fresh fruits in our drinks make Loya fruit drinks a guilt-free indulgence.

Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Ingredients - Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill - olive_oil2Our organic extra-virgin olive oil is derived from first cold-pressing of the organically grown Greek olives. It's rich aroma and texture is a testament to its pure unaltered nutrition profile which is rich in beneficial mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Free from trans-fats and other harmful fats this extra-virgin olive oil should be an integral part of a heart-healthy diet. Rich in polyphenols extra-virgin olive oil plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the blood-vessels.

Organic Whole-Grain Basmati Brown Rice

Premium Ingredients - Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill - basmati_brown_riceHailing form the fertile fields of Pakistan, the organic whole grain basmati rice is a specialty, not only because of its aroma but also its nutritional content. Rich in fiber, manganese, magnesium and selenium, our whole grain brown rice has high nutrition value and is far superior to polished white rice which contains roughly 60% less of all the essential nutrients. This particular variety of organic brown rice is native to the soil adjacent to Pakistan’s Indus River and is imported directly from Pakistan.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Premium Ingredients - Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill - pink_salt2The many hues of pink, red and white are an indication of this salt’s rich and varying mineral and energy-rich iron content. This is an ancient salt in its purest form and naturally contains the spectrum of 84 minerals that give it its health giving properties. Most of us think of salt as sodium chloride a highly refined, processed white substance that's devoid of nutrients. Salt is so devoid of nutrients, in fact, that in the early 20th century, doctors noticed that people who ate white table salt started to suffer chronic degenerative disease. They noticed that it was the lack of iodine that was the culprit and decided to put iodine back into the processed salt to create iodized salt. But why would you want to eat salt that's been artificially enriched with ONE mineral when you could be eating salt that naturally contains 84 minerals? Our Himalayan pink salt is also imported from Pakistan’s salt ranges where 250 million years old salt formations still exist in their pristine form.


Premium Ingredients - Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill - tumericTurmeric comes from the root of the Curcuma longa and is known as the “queen of spices”. It’s widely used not only for its flavor but more importantly due to its health benefits. The antioxidant property destroys free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of cancer. It has anti-inflamatory properties which makes it extremely beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis as it alleviates joint pains. Turmeric helps improve glucose control, reduces cholesterol level and maintains ideal body weight. Turmeric increases the production of liver enzymes that break down toxins in the body and boost the immune system. At loya we use turmeric generously in our Chicken Curry Kebab and the Chicken Karahi Sizzler.

Goji Berries

Premium Ingredients - Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill - goji_berriesThe goji berry has been enjoyed throughout Asia for thousands of years as one of the most nutrient dense foods. Inhabitants of the Himalayan Mountains have incorporated these wonder berries not only into their diet but also their medicine as it promotes health, stamina and vitality. Our goji berries contain a variety of nutrients including protein, healthy fats and soluble fiber. There's even more to this sweet little red berry including 18 amino acids, free-radical fighting antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins A, C, and E, and more than 20 other trace minerals. According to Buddhist legends, those who ingested the fluids from these berries had brighter complexions, higher stamina and rich dark hair even into older age. You will find these wonderful little berries on our goji berry salad.