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Why Organic and Grass-Fed?

Why Organic - Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill - why_organicOrganic food in simple words is just food that nature has intended for us. Rich in life preserving nutrients, organic food is what has sustained life on this planet since its inception. Nutrient dense organic soil enables the growth of nutritious plants which are consumed by animals and humans alike. Use of chemicals, pesticides and GMOs deplete our soil of its nutrient content and continue to spread the poison throughout the food chain.

We understand that "Organics" is not only limited to produce but that organic meats are also a cornerstone of a healthy diet. Even cattle that is raised on natural pasture and fed grass produces superior meat than its GMO grain-fed counterparts.

Grass-fed meat is 2-4 times higher in heart healthy Omega 3s and boasts a lower overall fat content.

At Loya, our lamb and beef is Certified Organic and Grass-fed. Our chickens are free range and raised without the use of artificial hormones. Each week we make a trip to the local markets and pick out the freshest naturally grown produce for our family and yours